Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Russian doll

I am opening like a russian doll, many many layers many differnet personalityes. The russian dolls with my heads on are going to be the logo for my tv show.

I having been looking at split personalittyes, here is a bit from an artical.

Split Personality

A split personality has nothing to do with schizophrenia, but more with Multiple Personality Syndrome (MPS). This is a psychiatric disorder that causes the sufferer's personality to divide into sub personalities, also known as alters. The alters have their own memory, and don't know of each other's existence. Consequently, the sufferer has episodes of amnesia.

The development of MPS is almost always triggered by severe abuse, including sexual abuse. During the traumatic experience the person becomes dissociated from the experience, becomes 'not there', and an alter personality takes over the pain. For every traumatic experience an alter is created. The alternating of the alters is easily recognized by the changing of the voice of the sufferer.

MPS is one of the most severe forms of defence mechanisms used to cope with extremely traumatic experiences.

Since 1994, MPS has been officially classified as Dissociative Identity Disorder in the DSM-IV2 as the alters are more identities, rather than personalities, based on dissociations.

As MPS (or DID) is believed to be very rare, not much research has been done. Therefore, not much is known of the prognosis. It is considered that the later the development of the alters takes place, the better. Another outcome of research is the belief that:

... after the age of 50, the alternating of the alters would spontaneously reduce3.

The experience gained by research is that sufferers who had re-integrated alters have a better recovery rate than sufferers with still divided alters. The integration of the alters is always accomplished by many years of intensive psychotherapy.

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